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Agricultural Fencing plays a pivotal role in the success of Agriculture and Farming in Australia. As such, the correct installation and maintenance of this asset cannot be understated, which is where Kinghitter Postdrivers are built to excel.

Driven to be the world leaders in design development and manufacturing, Kinghitter Postdrivers are guaranteed to outperform all alternatives in fencepost installation. With a huge range of models and options, there is a solution to every fencing scenario and ground type. Kinghitter postdrivers are faster, safer and easier to use than any other post driver in Australia. 

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Kinghitter Postdrivers are designed and manufactured to world class standards in a dedicated factory in Palmerston North, New Zealand. 

Attention to every detail is consistent during the manufacturing process and components are created using the latest laser cutting and CNC machining techniques. Owners of Kinghitter post drivers can be assured they own the highest quality machine that will last a lifetime.

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