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The Expander 2i is the ultimate Drop-Hammer Postdriver for all fencing requirements that will simply outperform all others for speed, driving force and usability. Featuring a telescopic mast that extends from 3.2m-5.1m, the Expander 2i can drive any post type up to 4.0m in length in any environment, even when headroom is limited. The 300kg Hammer delivers class-leading driving force by running at optimum efficiency with minimum restriction and fast cycle times.

The operator can stay in control 100 percent of the time, with Hammer Lift/Lower, Toplink, Angle Tilt, Mast Hinge and Base adjustments all at fingertip control, using Kinghitter’s ergonomic valve bank positioning system.

Fitted with Kinghitter’s Safety Post Cap, the operator has completely safe directional control of every post. The guard protects the operator from the strike zone of the hammer along its entire stroke to ground. It also secures each post in an upright position while driving, allowing the operator to steer the post using the postdriver controls positioned behind the safety gate. The Expander is compatible with the full range of Kinghitter’s Base’s and accessories, meaning that you can configure the perfect package for your requirements, no matter the ground type or fencing style.


Key Specifications


3.2-5.1m Telescopic, Fabricated

Hammer Weight:


Valve Bank:

6 Functions 


Hydraulic with 25 Degrees Fore/Aft Angle (50 Degrees total)


Hydraulic with 20 Degrees Fore/Aft angle (40 Degrees total)

Max Post Height:

4.0m (13ft)


Adustable Height 

Mast Mount:

3 point linkage with 300mm Mastshift 

DSC 01701 2

DSC 01712 2

DSC 01721 2

DSC 01731

DSC 01748

DSC 01751

Base Options

Terminator Base 

The Terminator Base places the Expander in the side mounted position and will transform the way you construct fences. Simply drive down alongside the line, then utilise the massive 950mm of shift to slide the postdriver into position. The intergrated counterweight ensures that the machine is kept balanced, even on undulating terrain. 

Comes complete with toolbox, wire unraveller mount, hand rammer holder, level holder, spade holder, pins, hoses and tow bar. All pivots are machined bushes and are greasable. The Terminator sidemount unit can be removed and the post driver mounted directly to the tractor at any time if required. 

Dominator Base 

The Dominator Base is an incredibly compact and capable rotational post driver base. It utilises a central pivot system with 130 degrees of rotation to allow the postdriver to rotate from being in the side mount position to become rearward facing and beyond. Within this rotation, the base provides 650mm of sliding shift, to provide a huge reach area.

Fully adjustable nylon inserts means that the machine will stay as tight as the day you buy it. Included with a hydraulic leg and hydraulic toplink to tractor as standard, this base is a professional grade package, “straight out of the box”.

Key Specifications:

  • 130 Degree Rotation
  • 650mm Sliding Shift
  • 2x Hydraulic Legs
  • Hydraulic Toplink to Tractor
  • Tow bar
  • Lockable Toolbox 

Skidsteer Base

The Kinghitter Skid Steer Base is allows the expander to mount directly to the front of a Skidsteer. 

Easily dismounted so the post driver can be fitted to a tractor or excavator at any time.

Suits all models of Skid steer, and allows front window to be opened for easy access.

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