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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tractor or hydraulic system do I require?

Any medium size tractor or larger can be used. The physical size of the tractor and whether it has a front end loader is more important for overall balance than actual horsepower rating. 90hp to 120hp tractors are commonly used.

Reccommended Hydraulic Flow: 20-40L/Minute

Reccommended Pressure: 2500psi 

Do not fit a post driver to a tractor that is too small so it could be unstable.


Why is the post so firm when driven by a Kinghitter?

The technique is what our scientists call “Hydraulic Suction.” As the post is driven into the ground, the ground immediately around the post is mechanically strengthened by a reduction in soil porosity and an increase in soil compaction. Thus the surrounding ground pressure will secure the post up to sixteen times firmer than a similar Bored and Tampered Post.


How do i store my kinghitter upright?

All Kinghitters can be stored easily. Just drive a test post into the ground at a safe storage destination, tie the machine onto the post, disconnect the linkages and now it can be stored until you next require your Kinghitter. Side mounted machines are free standing.


What if I have rocky ground and hard pan?

You can purchase the “Rock Spike Kit,” Which is the “Rock Spike” and “Pilot Auger” as a combined kit assembly. This will take your Kinghitter Post Driver to new levels of performance!


What if I have close density pug clay, limestone or hard pan?

You will need to purchase an Pilot Auger Attachment for your Kinghitter. This will enable the post to be driven into the ground, easily. Only available on “Series II” and “Series III” Deluxe machines.


What if I have rocky, stony ground, will the Kinghitter still drive in my posts?

You will need to purchase a Rock Spike Kit, as an add-on accessory to your Kinghitter. Only available on “Series II” and “Series III” machines.


How easy is it to align posts?

Depending on the model, all Kinghitter post rammers have a range of hydraulically operated mast movements which facilitate easy post placement. The post cap helps steer the post when ramming as well.


Why is it that the Kinghitter does a quicker job better?

The Kinghitter is built with a unique, three pulley lift system. This means the effective use of a longer, High Tensile ‘Live Wound’ wire rope, for easier, smoother, long life, “lift and drop” action.


Will the Kinghitter fit my Tractors linkage system?

All Kinghitter Post Drivers have provision for category I, II and III linkage systems. This enables the Kinghitter to be fitted to big and small tractors.


How does the Kinghitter prevent damage to the post?

With the unique, Safety Control “POST CAP” that slides up and down the mast with the weight. The “POST CAP” holds the post in perfect control, prevents damage and transfers the driving energy directly into the post. Makes driving the post faster, more accurate and easier.


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