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We take safety seriously, which is why we work tirelessly to design our products with the safety of the operator as the no.1 priority. 

Kinghitter Active Safety System

The team at Kinghitter have developed new safety systems that make post drivers safer, more efficient and easier to use. We have come up with a comprehensive safety package that focuses on the full protection of the operator, without sacrificing usability, and is included on every machine sold new in Australia. 

Active Safety - The Aim

Traditionally, post driver manufacturers have installed large static guards that block the operator from the work area, leading to inefficient working habits and frustration for the operator.

To combat this, Kinghitter aimed to develop a safety system that was safe, without sacrificing Kinghitter’s legendary usability. The solution was an active safety system with moving guards that protected the crucial working areas, allowing the operator to work safely, efficiently, and effectively in a constantly changing environment.

There are two main aspects of this system, the Safety Gate and Safety Postcap.  

The Safety Gate 

The Safety Gate is the main guard between the operator and the work zone, and is a critical component in the Kinghitter Active Safety System.  

It is mounted on a hinge, which allows the guard to hinge in and out of the work position, letting the operator access the work zone to stand up the post. 

Controlled Hammer Drop 

The Safety Gate has an integrated mechanism that restricts the hammer drop when the gate is rotated away from the operator. This means that when the operator has access to the work zone, the hammer drop is restricted to lower slowly, eliminating the risk of the falling hammer to the operator. 

The left video shows this controlled drop in action, and how the safety gate mechanisim enables the fast drop once rotated towards the operator. 

2 Handed Fast-Drop Override 

There are instances in fencing where the safety gate can not be rotated into position because of obstructions such as an existing fenceline. 

To combat this, a fast-drop override lever is incorperated into the design, which overrides the safety gate system and allows a fast drop. The trick to this system is that it takes both hands to operate, ensuring that the operator keeps clear of the work area. 

Auger Lock-Out 

Like the controlled hammer drop, the auger lock-out is a mechanical interlocking sytem that intergrates with the safety gate. When the gate is rotated away from the operator, the auger rotate function is locked out, preventing rotation. 

This means that the operator and safety gate have to be in the safe working position before the auger can operate, keeping the operator safe at all times. 

The Safety Gate

The Safety Postcap 

Guiding the Post 

The Safety Postcap is a plate that mounts between the hammer and the post being driven into the ground. The postcap has a small spike on the underside, which when in operation, pierces the top of the post, holding it in an upright position and allowing the post to be steered using the postdriver controls. 

This means that the operator can stand well clear of the post and strike zone while the postdriver is in operation. 


"Complete protection from the strike zone, from the top of the mast to the bottom" 

To effectively guard post drivers, an understanding of the nature of post driving is critical. As the post is hammered into the ground, the location of the impact zone of the hammer is continually changing, as the top of the post gets lower. To guard this impact zone over the entire travel distance, Kinghitter has developed a guard which mounts to the safety postcap. The secret to this design is that the guard moves with the strike zone, protecting the crutial impact zone at all times, from the top of the mast to the bottom.

The Safety Gate

Safe Design Elements 


Along with the hydraulics upgrades is a change of design with regards to the pulley location on the mast. The lift ram now pulls from the top down to lift the jammer, which means that the pulleys, rope and any associated pinch points are now out of harms way and above the operator. The pulleys themselves are surrounded by a shroud, so that the nip points bewteen the rope and sheaves are not accessable, while also preventing the ropes from displacing from the pulleys. 


Hydraulics System

Kinghitter Postdrivers have recieved a major overhaul of the hydraulics system to increase usability and safety. One aspect of this is the addition of a check valve on the hammer lift/drop hydraulic ram. This valve acts as a ram "brake" and is calibrated so that as soon as the hammer completes its stroke, the ram stops instantaniously, minimising rope whip. This means that the rope does not whip into the operational zone or against the mast, increasing operator safety and rope life.  


Fall-Arrest Bolts 

Fall Arrest Bolts are incorperated into the linkage design as an anti-crush mechinisim. This means that in the event of a toplink failier, the postdriver can only rotate rearwards until the bolts lock against the linkage arms, stopping the falling postdriver before it hits the ground. This protects the operator and nearby workers from the crush hazard created by all postdrivers. 

Safety Induction

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